The Energy Holding is an international organization, whose core activity is the international trade-finance and project finance of various products and industries.

Following the first years of establishment, The Energy Holding rapidly expanded its operations becoming one of the leading players in international trade and project finance within the industries it is actively operating.

The initial success of the company led to a policy of diversification and The Energy Holding quickly became a well recognized and respected worldwide investor in several industries, namely:
  • Iron and Steel
  • Energy
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
The diversification is an outgrowth of The Energy Holding's philosophy to invest in new and challenging industries that can help to activate the world economy while generating prosperity for the human being.

The success of The Energy Holding and its position as a major player can be attributed to its commitment to add value to all its business and investments by applying innovative financing structures, blended with tailor made approaches and its accumulated corporate know-how and highly qualified and experienced human resources.


Rapid growth in world steel demand and consumption led global steel consumers to search for new, professional and reliable supply partners to provide them with high quality steel products at competitive prices in the most convenient delivery period. These positive developments in the world steel industry stimulated The Energy Holding to invest in the steel sector and The Energy Holding Steel Division (The EHSD) was established.

The EHSD emerged as one of the most suitable contender by not only meeting these requirements but by providing flexible supply, possessing a deep steel industry expertise and qualified manpower. In a short period of time, The EHSD became an indispensable source and partner for the global steel customers and end users, creating long lasting and strong connections with both manufacturers and buyers.

Today, The EHSD is recognized as one of the most professional, reliable and respected bulk steel suppliers in the world steel market providing innovative solutions to the most complex steel supply chain structures.

The EHSD, by taking advantage of the financial strength and the excellent reputation of its diversified international parent company has also tapped into the know how of its experienced professional management, now is a major supplier to global steel consumers for their bulk carbon steel requirements providing technical and financial support to ensure a smooth and seamless steel supply chain.

The EHSD has taken advantage of its main assets of financial strength, flexibility and punctuality to secure an important place amongst major global steel suppliers being chosen as one of the indispensable partners of the global steel consumers. Highly talented, experienced and dynamic experts of The EHSD are acting in the most professional way and are ready to satisfy and exceed all partners' expectations using the most modern instruments of the new century.

The EHSD is acting as a principal in supplying steel worldwide and handles and coordinates all steel supply related activities with The EHSD's own corporate sources and knowledge.

Based on the regular allocation and frame contracts, The EHSD is actively supplying bulk quantities of all major carbon steel products starting from raw materials to finished and processed items.

The product range of The EHSD can be classified in following five main categories;
  • Raw Materials
  • Semi Finished Steel Products
  • Long Steel Products
  • Flat Steel Products
  • Tubular Steel Products
Excellent business results and achievements of all ambitious expansion plans have given The EHSD a high credibility in the world market, making it one of The Largest Independent Bulk Steel Suppliers Worldwide.

The EHSD believes firmly in the principle that it is the details that make the difference: To this end The EHSD's main strategy is to be unique in its approach, to products, services and business ethics; also in its close relationship with the rapidly changing steel world; added to which is rapid response to customer requests and a continual process of optimization and competitive pricing policy.

The EHSD always targets full customer satisfaction, something that everyone at every level of the company is educated to be aware of, thus ensuring steady growth and continued success.
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