The EHSD continuously provides to The EHSD customers following main assets;
  • Smooth and effective operation via well designed and fully integrated EHSD system.
  • High quality product at considerably lower cost as a result of the competitive pricing strategy.
  • Make use of the latest technological and managerial developments for the highest effectiveness.
  • Application of the latest computer technology and network system to have the most speedy
  • communication and information and data sharing within The EHSD organization.
  • Advanced problem solving ability.
  • Extensive raw materials, semi finished and finished steel products know how.
  • Extensive and innovative raw material resources.
  • Self evaluation for continuous improvement.
  • Quick adaptation to the new market demands.
  • Keep the commitments and fulfill the obligations.
  • Introduction of the new trends and the concepts before others do.
  • Hard working and commitment to achieve difficult missions to keep The EHSD customer loyalty at
  • the highest level.
  • Continuous orientation, education and training for the employees.
  • Sharing the created values with employees, suppliers and The EHSD customers.
  • Flexibility and quick response.
  • Reliable and timely deliveries.
  • High and continuous EHSD customer satisfaction.
  • After sales service and close follow up.
  • Respect and concern for environmental and social values.
  • Ecological awareness.
  • Respect for common business ethics.
  • Compliance with the labor laws and regulations in force.
  • Respect and concern for the rights of every human being.
  • No discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, origin or sex.
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