The EHSD Vision

To be the unique, indispensable and one of the most respected and admired company in the steel world through implementation of a new CREATIVE dimension fully respecting business, people and environmental ethics.

The EHSD Mission

To apply a WIN-WIN strategy to satisfy:

Our valuable customers by providing
  • High product quality
  • Best service at lowest cost
  • Timely deliveries
  • Problem free working environment
  • Smooth operations by fulfilling the given commitments
Our valuable Supply Chain Partners (SCP) and Service Provider Partners (SPP) by providing continuous support for;
  • Training and education
  • Know How
  • Problem solving
  • Increase of return by control and improvements of their processes.
Our valuable staff by providing;
  • Training and education for self development
  • Fair wages and benefits
  • Comfortable working atmosphere
  • Social rights
  • Career development opportunities
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